Postbacks are handled through the OneFlow trigger system. These are set up within OneFlow and allow the postbacks to be sent to a variety of destinations in a multitude of different formats (using the templating system).

Order Received

When an order has been received by OneFlow and is ready to undergo the necessary processing steps to prepare it for production.

Order Errored

When one or more of the files failed to be fetched/processed or fails preflighting.

Order Cancelled

When an order has been cancelled, either via the API or by a user.

Order Print Ready

When all the files in an order have been successfully fetched, processed and optionally preflighted. The order then goes into Print Ready status, which means the PSP is able to begin production when they are ready.

Shipment Shipped

When a shipment within an order has been produced, assembled, and finally dispatched.

Order Submission Error

Due to the asynchronous nature of the process, errors won’t be available in the response of the order submission request.

Errors will be posted to the system and shown in a new area inside the Production UI (/#/order-submission-errors/list).

PSPs have access to see these errors and brands have access to this via Brand Center.

Within this area, you are able to edit the order data and then resubmit it.

N.B. do not keep resubmitting the order from this page if an error is not returned as it may create a new order with duplicated barcodes.

It is also possible to configure a ‘submission error’ trigger which will post back the error message once the order has been processed. This will contain a simple error message on why the order has errored. Example postback template:

     "TimeStamp": "{{timestamp}}",
     "OrderId": "{{data.body}}",
     "status": "Order submission error",
     "errorsClean":  [{{#each data.errorList}}
          "{{#if name}}{{ name }}: {{/if}}{{#if message}}{{ message }}{{else}}Unknown error{{/if}}{{#if path}} - At path {{ path }}{{/if}}"